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We meausure our belts from fold (where the leather goes over the buckle) to hole you wear your current belt in.  This will be the center hole on our belt.  Generally they run 2" bigger than your waist.  IF you are going to carry a holster and mag holder you will need to add 1-2".  If you have any questions please feel free to call us or email us. 

All Custom Knife Sheaths are Non Refundable. We have to build to them to your knife and are unable to resale them. Make sure when ordering your get your specifications  correct.

Some people are confused about the SOB position.  SOB means SMALL OF BACK so if you are a RH Shooter and want to carry SOB then you will select RH SOB which means you will get a LEFT HAND HOLSTER to wear small of the back with a PALM OUT DRAW. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL US OR CALL US BEFORE ORDERING.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our products or to order by Phone Please call (817)444-9456,(817)270-5160 or (866)383-6761 or Please e-mail us at dmbullardleather@aol.com or dmbullardleather@gmail.com



*Order online 24/7 all major credit cards accepted and Paypal

*All "In-Stock" items will ship 3-5 Business days from date of purchase this does not include weekends or holidays.

*If the item does not start with "In-Stock" then the order will have to be custom made for you and will take the estimated 4-6 weeks to make.  This time frame can change at any time.

*If you choose to put an In-Stock Item with a non-stock item then your order will be subject to 4-6 weeks.  We cannot continue pushing orders out because you order a In-Stock Wallet or Knife Sheath along with non-stock items. 

**Since we use Chicago Screws and customers loose the screws we are now offering to super glue your chicago screws.  It will keep them from becoming loose and will be very difficult to get out if you want to change your buckle.  If you aren't planning on changing your buckle then I would recommend this option.  We do sell additional chicago screws on our website if you opt out of the glue. effective 10/30/14**

 *If you do not see your gun listed as a holster option or on our gun list, email or call us and see if we have the mold and can make the holster for your gun.

*All Custom Orders will take an estimated 4-6 weeks to make and ship no exceptions. Every Item is 100% handmade and estimated means we cannot give an extact date your order will be ready. If you can not wait the 4-6 weeks then Please do not order expecting anything less. 

Shipping of items: when you select UPS or USPS it is up to that company to get your mail to you.  I do not personally deliver your package.  Once the package leaves my shop, it is out of my hands.  You receive the tracking number when we ship your order, once the order shows delivered I CANNOT do anything about it.  You will have to file a claim with UPS or USPS.  I cannot call and track the item either.

*Buying from this website means you agree with these terms and conditions.


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