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New Items and Specials

Shoulder Holster

This is my new Shoulder Holster. The Shoulder Holster is made from bull hide on the front and leather on the back. The harness is adjustable for different body builds. The holster has an adjustable cant and comes with smooth leather lining and a snap and strap. The harness is universal and teh holster is made-to-order according to gun-make. The Shoulder holster will only come in natural leather or black, brown and cognac bull hide. We WILL NOT dye the leather due to bleeding. The Shoulder holster comes with shoulder adjustment comes with chicago screw adjustment 

Shoulder Holster and Harness starting at:


Additional Holsters starting at $125.00



"Ultra Tuck"

This is my new Ultra Tuckable IWB Holster. This Holster can be used with the Metal Belt Clip, Belt Loop attachment and Kydex J Hook.

Note All Holsters with barrels under 4" will have a extended bottom to allow room to tuck in your shirt.


Available for purchase through our online store.

Double Duty 1911 Holster

This Holster carries a pair of 1911 in the middle of the back. Made for all barrel length.  Start at $250.00 plain

as shown Elephant $500.00

BTB Holster
(between the belt)

The BTB is most compact holster I make. The holsters holds snug against your side for awesome concealment. Holster is smooth leather lined and has the body shield to keep the gun from digging into your side. And will fit many guns similar in frame size for a multi use holster. Open muzzle allows you to carry most any barrel lengths.

Its small compact size makes it great for the ladies my wife carries one and loves it.

Fits up to 1 3/4 belt.

Also a great Summer time carry holster.

Made for most Autos listed on my gunlist.

Order on my online store starts at $85.00

(smooth lining is included on this holster)

holster on the right is the 1911 model

holster below is for the Sig p238

The Belt Slide Conceals even the lage handguns with just a t-shirt (shown above with Glock 34) order on my online store.

Belt Slide Holster


Great Summer time holster Open Muzzle allows you to carry many different hand guns in the same holster. Body-shield/ Shirt-guard is standard on all. Made For Most All Autos and Revolvers

Saddle Brown (as shown) Dark Brown, and Black

Order on my Online Store

"Cargo Carry" Pocket Holster

This is a holster designed to carry in Cargo style pockets. The holster keeps the gun in a up right position and brings the grip of the gun up to the top of the pocket and carries a spare mag.

Available in Smooth leather or Rough-out finish.

Made from 8-9 oz leather and double stitched for years of service.

Made for most small .380 autos.


Order on my online store.

Please note: The holster is about 6 1/2" wide and only fits cargo type pockets.

"Undercover" Holster for Bond Arms

Plain $75.00 (shown here fo Texas Defender 3" barrel)

Order on my online store.

Tuckable IWB Holsters for Bond Arms Derringer

 Starting at $90.00

Order on my Online Store.

Made left or right hand

Made for all models and barrel lengths

Cowboy Wallet

  • Made to carry in the front pocket but can be carried on most any pocket or ladies purse.
  • 4 pockets for credit cards, I.D. and most anything.
  • Spring Money Clip holds your folding money.
  • Avaiable in plain or tooled

Exotic Skins:

Elephant, Tiger Shark, Hippo, Aligator, Nile Crocodile,Cape Buffalo. and American Buffalo.

We do have a few in-stock.

Shop our Online Store.


Combat for Taurus Judge 3" barrel. 45/410

also available for S&W Governor

Order online.

Cross Draw Holster

  • Made for most autos
  • Revolvers J K L N Frame and
  • Single actions.(as Shown here)
  • Starting at $90.00

Order on my Online Store

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