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Concealment Holsters You Won't Find Anywhere Else

All of my concealment holsters and belts are made from 100% Hermann Oak leather, which is the highest quality, most long lasting and beautiful leather available. Holsters are 100% handmade, and perfectly machine sewn, so you can be sure you're getting a one-of-a-kind item. Choose from Saddle Brown, Natural, Black, Mahogany, Chocolate and Dark Brown colors in a variety of Tooled leather and exotic skins Ostrich, Tiger Shark, Elephant, Hippo etc. Due to the demand for quality holster I only offer the holsters I have listed on this website and my online store. I do not make any holsters with thumbreak snaps only open top holsters as shown. All of my holsters are designed by me and  I do not make or copy other makers holsters so, if you find one you like made by another maker by all means buy it.

Visit  my Online Store or call (866)363-6761 to order Holsters and Accessories  

In-stock items on the online store ship 3-5 business days

All Custom items are made to order.


Concealment Holsters

The Bodyguard is my #1 selling holster.

"Bodyguard" holsters are designed to be worn just behind the hip for excellent conceal and comfort.
I make this holster to fully cover the barrel and the sweat shield is included, for most automatics and revolvers for left or right hand.

Gun holster - Visit us in Azle, Texas, to purchase a variety of leather goods, including gun holsters, hard-to-find concealment holsters, and leather wallets. Gun holster - Visit us in Azle, Texas, to purchase a variety of leather goods, including gun holsters, hard-to-find concealment holsters, and leather wallets.


(shown here Basket Weave and Lined)

Plain- starting at $85.00

Order on my Online Store.


for Revolvers and Automatics

Add $40.00 for Smooth Leather lining


shown here with hand tooled Running W Border

Order on my online store.

Bodyguard in Full Quill Ostrich

  • Order on my online store 
  • Lining is included on all exotic holsters
  • Available in Congac, Black, Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Mahogany
  • For Autos and Revolvers

All of my holsters are available in Crocodile, Alligator,Ostrich, Elephant etc. If you are looking for other exotics let me know.

Order on my online store.

Simply pick your holster and and the skin of your choice.

Nile Crocodile Dk Brown

Starts around $300

Order through my online store.

Genuine Elephant Hide

Very tough hide will not scratch or scuff. It is awesome!

Shown below

Combat Holster

Holster, mag and belt shown here in Elephant Vintage Bark

Available in our online store.

Genuine Hippo

As shown below

One of the toughest hides available, hippo has a unique feel of a suede but will not scuff or scratch. It is awesome!

"Combat" Holster
Holster, mag and belt shown in brown Hippo

Genuine Hippo Dark Brown

Order through our online store.

"Combat" Holster

  • has a slight forward cant
  • Plain- starting at $85.00
  • Lining add $40.00
  • Order through our my Online Store

"Combat" for Taurus Judge 3" 45/410

Plain starting at $85.00

"Combat" for Single Action

plain $85.00


"Cross Draw"

Shown plain for 4 3/4 SAA start at $90.00

"Cross Draw"

  • Shown here for the Colt Mustang .380
  • Made for Most Autos and Revolvers
  • Order on My Online Store

Gun holster - Visit us in Azle, Texas, to purchase a variety of leather goods, including gun holsters, hard-to-find concealment holsters, and leather wallets.

"Cross Draw"

  • Start at  $90.00
  • Order on my Online store.
  • For most Autos and Revolves

Add The Bodyguard to the Cross Draw Holster

add $10.00

"Cross Draw"

Shown for  J- Frame Revolver plain and lined

"IWB" Holster

with belt loop, allows you to adjust the cant with the set screw in the center of the snap and change out the loop.

  • Plain start at $80.00
  • Lining add $40.00

"IWB"  w/ Belt Clip

  • Available left or right hand with Metal Belt Clip
  • Available for most autos and revolvers start at $80.00
  • add $40.00 for For Smooth Leather lining.
  • Order on my Online Store

"Tuckable" IWB

Adjustable Belt Clip allows you to set the cant and depth of the holster. Tuckable clip allows you to tuck your shirt over the gun and holster for deep concealment!

  • Start at $90.00
  • add $40.00  for lining
  • Tuckable Belt Loop also available $18.00 extra
  • Order on my Online store.

Tuckable with metal Belt Clip

start at $90.00

This holster allows you to adjust the cant of the holster and change the attachments.

My Tuckable will come with Kydex J Hook and Standard Metal Belt Clip.

Tuckable IWB with metal belt clip

  • Order through our online store
  • made for most Autos and Revolvers
  • starting at $90.00

"Texas Conceal Carry" 

The TCC holster has a spare mag holder and bodyguard that protects your back from the gun and magazine.

This holster is flex-able between the gun and the mag to fit the contour of your body.

This holster is also great to carry in the pick-up console or glove box.

If you are a Right Hand Shooter and plan to carry Cross Draw,Appendix Carry,2-4 o'clock you will need a RH Side 

If you plan to carry in the Small of the Back (SOB) you will need a RH SOB.

"Texas Conceal Carry" 

  • This holster can be made with Belt Clip or Belt loop.
  • Order on my online store
  • Start at $100.00 
  • add Smooth Leather Lining $40.00
  • Also available in Tuckable.

Custom Carved Skull Head Grips were made for me by Pyro-Grafix contact

Harold Chrismon at 903-422-0797


Tell him I sent ya.

"Dual Carry"

My #1 Selling IWB Holster

Dual Carry is the most versatile holster I make the Belt Clips can also be moved to the Tuckable position hardware is provided. All Dual Carry holsters will have reinforced opening. This holster is made to be worn at the 4:00-5:00 position behind the hip and Will Not Carry for SOB (small of back) or Crossdraw.  Order on my Online Store.

Dual Carry Conceal Holster

This holster is a IWB and OWB just remove the screws and the belt clips move from the front to the back made for most autos and revolvers. Shown here with Glock 26/27

  • start at $100.00
  • Smooth Leather Lining add $40.00
  • Bodyguard is standard on all automatics.  
  • Set Belt Loop attachments $30.00      
  • set Kydex Tuckable J-hooks add $20.00 per set.

Dual Carry

shown here with the Tuckable Belt loop attachments.

Order on my online store.

PWC- Holster

starting at $80.00

(Pocket/Wallet Combo Holster)

This is my new design in Wallet holster.

The holster is made of a medium weight 8/9oz saddle leather and the Wallet Panel is made from a heavy weight 10/11oz. saddle leather to break up any print of the gun in the pocket.

This holster can easily coverted to either Right Hand or Left Hand Front or Rear pockets.

Wallet panel can also be removed for a simple pocket holster.

Please note some holster will require a large pocket such as a Cargo type pants or Vest or Coat Pocket.

Keep in mind this holster can only be made to fit the gun and does not Magically shrink the gun or make the gun smaller or thinner than it is.

Shown here for the Sig-Sauer P238

PWC Holster made for:

3" 1911 Colt/Kimber, Colt Mustang, Bersa Thunder.380, Glock 26/27/33, Kahr MK and PM, Kahr P380, Kahr P380 w/Crimson Laserguard,

Kel-Tec- P32/P3AT, and P3AT with Crimson Laser, PF-9/40, -P11,Kimber Solo, Micro-Desert Eagle .380, NAA Guardian.25/.32/,  

Rohrbaugh R9, Ruger LCP,and  LCP with Crimson Laser, LCR, Sig P238, Sig P938, Springfield XD 3", Springfield XD-S, S&W M&P Shield, Taurus PT 738 TCP,Walther PPKS ,PPS, PK38, 

and all Taurus Snub-nose Revolvers, S&W J Frame Revovers


"Cargo Carry" Pocket Holster

This is a holster designed to carry in Cargo style pockets.
The holster keeps the gun in a up right position and brings the grip of the gun up to the top
of the pocket and carries a spare mag.

  • Available in Smooth leather or Rough-out finish.
  • Made from 8-9 oz leather and double stitched for years of service.
  • Made for most small .380 autos.
  • $70.00
  • Order online

Please note:
The holster is about 6 1/2" wide and only fits cargo type pockets and
is only made for small autos IE: LCP,Sig P238, Kel-Tec P3AT etc.

Single High Ride Mag Holder

start at $50.00

Made for most magazines


Double High Ride Mag Holder 

start at $65.00

Made for most magazine                                    

Gun holster - Visit us in Azle, Texas, to purchase a variety of leather goods, including gun holsters, hard-to-find concealment holsters, and leather wallets. Knife holster - Visit us in Azle, Texas, to purchase a variety of leather goods, including gun holsters, hard-to-find concealment holsters, and leather wallets.

Cuff Case

Fits up to 1 3/4 wide belt. Plain $50.00

Call for exotic skin price

Tuckable IWB Mag pouch

start at $60.00

Find it on my online store.

IWB Mag Holder

Carry inside waist band has bodyguard to protect you from those sharp edges.

Made for most magazines start at $50.00

Bullet Belt Slide

  • 6-shot $50.00
  • 10-shot $60.00 and 12 shot $65.00
  • 38/357 and 44/45/.410

High Ride Pancake-style Knife Holster for Trapper Knife

  • Can be worn left or right side.
  • Plain $ 25.00

Jumbo High Ride Knife Holster for Case, Moore Maker, Buck, Puma, etc.

Knife size 1 1/4" -1 1/2" wide X 5"-5 1/2" long

Plain $30.00

Available through the Online Store.

Forward Slant Knife Sheath



Forward Slant Trapper Right Side $25.00

Forward Slant Trapper Left Side $25.00

Jumbo Cross Draw Knife Holster

$30.00 plain

Cowboy Knife Holster

Made for Case Trapper and others - $25.00

Double Thick Belt

  • 1 1/4" $80.00
  • 1 1/2" $85.00
  • 1 3/4" $90.00

Any good holster needs a good belt to help support the weight of the gun.
All of my belts are made using 2 pcs.7/8 oz Herman Oak leather making them about 1/4" thick.



Ranger Belt Double Thick 

  • 1 1/2" $125  (3/4" billets two keepers)
  • 1 3/4" $130  (1" billets one keeper)

Belt Sizing

My belts are measured from the fold (where the leather folds over the buckle) to the center hole with 7 holes at 3/4' spacing
You can measure your old belt by measuring from the fold of the buckle to the hole you actually buckle it in. DO NOT MEASURE THE WHOLE BELT JUST THE THE HOLE YOU BUCKLE YOUR BELT WITH.  You normally wear 2-3" larger in your belt than your waist size.

D. M. Bullard Leather Mfg LLC in  Azle, Texas, to purchase or order a variety of Handmade Concealed Leather Gear, Gun Holsters, Concealment Accessories, Concealed Belts, Gun Belts, Cowboy Holsters, Knife Sheaths, Cowboy Wallets and More.